Kyle's Legacy Inc.

Supporting Canine Cancer Research

Our ticket goal was 125, which at $25 each would be $3125 donated to The Baker Institute for Animal Health. Last year we added a second tier of tickets which are $45. Although we sold 112 tickets total, we had sold 20 of the higher tier resulting in $3175 in ticket sales!!!

So, because of your generosity, we technically exceeded our goal!! In addition, we raised $1139 in raffles and for sale items to be split $569.50 for BOTH Baker Institute Canine Cancer Research and our Star Light Financial Aid Program. And $406.50 from sponsorships balances.

End result $4151.00 to be donated to Baker's Canine Cancer Research Team!!! *THANK YOU!*

4th Annual Kyle's Legacy Walk

Sponsor List

Pack Leader Sponsor

Water Bowl Sponsor 

Paws Along the Path 

Sit, Stay, Walk Sponsors 

Faithful Friends Sponsors