Kyle's Legacy Inc.

Supporting Canine Cancer Research

Kyle’s legacy is incredibly grateful for the support that we receive from all our followers. We have also been very blessed to receive support from different businesses and organizations.

One of our friends who has been a very strong supporter since the beginning, had reached out to his company to include us in their charitable donation program. Joe Donnelly works at Granite Telecommunications.

Granite Telecommunications makes a huge focus on supporting charities, nonprofits, and 501(c)(3) organizations. One of their primary efforts is to hold a “Jeans Day” on Fridays. The employees pay a nominal fee in order to wear jeans to work, and all of the money collected and MATCHED, then it gets donated to a qualified charity. We were so fortunate to be chosen in June to be one of these beneficiaries. As a result, $6,725.90 was raised for Kyle’s Legacy!!! We are speechless, thankful and humbled by this beyond generous donation. Thank you Joe and all of your coworkers who participated. And thank you to Granite for all of the good that you do in helping those in need.

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Granite Telecommunications Jeans Day